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Structural Bodywork
Movement Education
Body Awareness Dialogue

“I am dealing with problems in the body where there is never just one cause. I’d like you to have more reality on the circular processes that do not act in the body, but that are the body. The body process is not linear, it is circular; always, it is circular. One thing goes awry, and its effects go on and on and on and on. A body is a web, connecting everything with everything else.”-Ida Rolf

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I do not accept tips to provide affordability and clarity.
I accept cash, credit card, check, and venmo for payment.


Introductory Session 

I like to meet my therapist to see if it is a good fit. Now is a chance to meet, ask questions, and experience the work. This session includes a neck and shoulder release.

30 Minutes - Free

Hellerwork 11 Series


The 11 series is designed to move through your entire body in a specific manner to address old and new patterns bringing the body into a state of more balance and ease in gravity. These sessions include assessment, bodywork, therapeutic dialogue, and movement education.

$ 1496 (15% discount) - 11, 1.5 hr

(can also be purchased at discounted rate after 1st session)


Hellerwork Individual Session

This session can either target specific areas or can be purchased individually as you move through the 11 session series. This session includes assessment, bodywork, therapeutic dialogue, and movement education.

1 Hour - $120

1.5 Hour - $160


Nervous System Reset

This session combines gentle, but effective techniques such as unwinding, lymphatic drainage, and rocking to calm the mind and body.

30 Minutes - $60

1 Hour - $100


2024 New Services

I look forward to sharing new additions and new services in 2024 for personalized care and integrating new techniques learned in continued education.


Hellerwork Nervous System Reset combined


To be announced 2024

This session is great to allow to you drop in to yourself and let go of the daily stressors while also bringing in some long lasting changes that you find in both the Nervous System Reset and Hellerwork sessions. It can be combined in a way that best fits your system. For example starting and ending with the nervous system reset.

60 minutes - $110

1,5 Hour - $140

To be announced 2024



To be announced 2024


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Greer Bailey (she/her)

I started my journey with massage and my family at a young age. I found the power of touch and the nonverbal communication a powerful way to express care that I was drawn to in sharing. I continued to have massage as my passion through college, but it wasn't until a couple years into working in law firms that I turned my passion into my path. I graduated massage school in 2013 and work suddenly became a love. I ran into some GI health problems which scared me and stripped me of my identity and work with massage for 3 years. This part of my journey though taught me so much of the power that we can heal ourselves. When I resumed massage I had a whole new outlook and empathy for my clients. I found Hellerwork at a continued education class that was so powerful that soon I found myself signing up for another 1.5 years of schooling. I feel like Hellerwork gave me the tools to better serve myself and my clients on their journey into self healing.

My greatest joy comes from listening, being curious, and empowering clients to discover how to heal and embrace all of themselves.

I am a Certified Hellerwork Practitioner

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist

I am chair of Hellerwork International's Continued Education Committee

Thank you Grayson Morrow for providing the picture seen above: 


A Brief History of Hellerwork and Structural Integration

Dr. Ida P. Rolf received her PhD in Biochemistry from Columbia University in 1920 and was the first woman to hold a research post at the Rockefeller Foundation (1917–1927). She worked at the Rockefeller Institute in the Chemotherapy and Organic Chemistry departments. During the 1930′s, Dr. Rolf studied Osteopathy, Chiropractic Medicine, Tantric Yoga,  and The Alexander Technique to name a few. By the 1940′s, Dr. Rolf developed her work and spent the next 30 years perfecting and teaching it. Today it is referred to as Rolfing or Structural Integration.

Joseph Heller became a Rolfer in 1972 and continued to study through 1978 with Ida Rolf. In 1973 he became a Structural Patterner after learning Patterning from Judith Aston (now known as Aston Kinetics). He received advanced training with Brugh Joy, a noted physician, author and innovator in the field of preventive medicine and the use of energy as a means of healing. He became the first president of the Rolf Institute in 1975.

As a result of his unique combination of expertise and training in structural integration, movement education, and body energy awareness, Heller began to synthesize a new form of bodywork. In 1978 he left the Rolf Institute and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where he founded Hellerwork.

White Earth

What is Hellerwork?

Structural Bodywork

At the beginning of each session we will assess the alignment of your body in gravity and in movement. We then will continue work on the massage table (sometimes seated or in movement) where we will balance the tissues of the body with the help of your movement and body/mind dialogue. Through understanding the restrictions in the body, bringing in awareness, and allowing for movement we aim to free the body of current/old patterns that can often be the causes of pain. 

Body-Awareness Dialogue

We then will work on the table together combining hands on work with movement. While working on the body I will be asking some questions to help increase awareness and help facilitate releases in restricted areas. This is what we call somatic (soma-body) dialogue. Your body speaks its own language and sometimes we get and understand the messages and sometimes we do not. Through increasing awareness it helps to learn the language of the body so that you may better work together.  Bringing awareness or breath to an area gives it attention, allows for listening, and often times facilitates a release in the area. Sometimes a past event or emotion may come up in the session.  Emotion can effect our posture and patterns and like wise our posture can effect our emotions.  By understanding what and where emotions are in the body you again may have more options and tools to bring yourself into balance and to make long lasting changes.

Movement Education

After the body work you will get off the table to feel the changes in the body in gravity. Then we will do a movement lesson together that will give you the opportunity to move in a different way that can help you keep the length and opening created in the session. We develop many patterns in life for example how we walk, how we carry ourselves, and from past injuries. The movement education helps us "re-learn" how to walk, move, and understand our patterns so that the same restrictions do not return.


My Location




Holistic Hellerwork Journey - 5850 Ellsworth

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